OutKast recovered in a major way with their triumphant performance during their second week at Coachella music festival on Friday (April 18). The duo’s first weekend left negative reactions among critics and fans who watch their set. However, this time around, 'Kast appeared to have redeemed themselves with a much tighter show.

According to Los Angeles Times, Andre 3000 and Big Boi rearranged their set list by performing their sure-fire hits midway to pump up the crowd, trimmed their solo sets and eliminated songs that didn’t move the crowd last week.

One huge noticeable change was Three Stacks’ outfit. The 38-year-old rapper traded his farmer overalls last week for a black-and-white jumpsuit with a gigantic tag that read "For Sale" on one side and "Sold Out" on the other. He also donned a blonde wig.

Andre 3000 seemed more energetic onstage than last week, while Big Boi had no problem commanding the crowd’s attention.

The only guest appearance during their 90-minute show was Killer Mike for a rendition of 'The Whole World,' which was cut last week because the pair went past their curfew.

Reactions to OutKast’s performance the second time around was overwhelmingly positive. Read some of the tweets below.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

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