O.T. Genasis may love the ‘CoCo,’ but he certainly loves to make it rain in the strip clubs too. Last week (Jan. 26), Busta Rhymes’ protege was spotted at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles shooting the club up with a money gun.

Yep, a Cash Cannon Money Gun to be specific. The device can shoot $1 to $100 bills like a machine gun shoots bullets.

In the video above, Genasis is clearly in the zone as two bodacious strippers are twerking on the pole. The rapper then lifts the gun in the air and -- woosh! -- hundreds of dollar bills are raining down on the stage.

According to TMZ, the money gun can hold a $1,000 and O.T. Genasis spent $5,000 during his brief appearance.

After his time onstage, the Atlanta-based rhymer, who appeared a little inebriated, tried to explain to TMZ that when he goes to the strip club, he only tips the strippers he likes.

“I can’t tip everybody,” he said. “I’m trying to keep my money. Personally, I have to tip the one I like, it has to be something I like about her. When I go inside the strip club it has to be to be the girl that grabs my eye.”

Tipping ain’t easy.

Watch O.T. Genesis Explain Tipping at the Strip Club

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