Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s oldest son, Bar-son Jones (aka Young Dirty Bastard), reveals chilling details of his father’s life and death.

In his interview with DJ Vlad, ODB Jr. recalls back to the famed MTV episode of ODB, with his children in tow, shamelessly picking up his food stamps in a limousine no less. The incident left the world stunned and added to the late rapper's list of countless memorable moments in hip-hop.

"I was the one in the front with the braids sticking up," he reflected, adding, "I had to be seven [years old]. It was a regular moment in life for me."

Vlad asked him how much time did he spent with his father growing up?

“Well the last time was you know, 2004.” That was like a whole lifetime. The most memorable moment was the last time I was with him," he said,

Thinking back to his last moments with his father, ODB Jr. revealed that he actually watched him get high.

“The last time he was here, he got as high as he could ever get...and he told me to sit there and watch him eye to eye," he said. "We did that and that and then, that was it.”

ODB passed away that same night from a drug overdose of cocaine and prescription pills.

Watch ODB Jr.'s chilling testimony above.

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