If you want to know the truth, go to OG Maco. Besides being a rapper, he's an opinionated guy whose tweets are candid and include sentiments about his rap peers from Future to Travis Scott. He's even claimed to have inspired Beyonce’s visuals for “7/11," which just earned an MTV VMAs nomination for Video of the Year.

The outspoken artist prides himself on being the future of hip-hop as well as a person who is in tune with his surroundings in the music business and society. With his debut album, Children of the Rage, on the way, OG Maco has been making headlines recently for everything but his music.

Earlier this month, Super Saiyan, as his fans call him, chose to start a conversation about the current state of rap music and included Future, whose lyrical content he says is responsible for “destroying countless lives.” Before that Twitter rant, weeks earlier, Maco aired out his thoughts on Travi$ Scott for taking the easy way out by commissioning a few pros for his “3500” track, which also features Future.

It’s obvious Maco is passionate about music and takes himself seriously as a rapper, but the young MC is also passionate about being a voice for the new generation. On the cover of his 2014 EP, Breathe, he made a statement by featuring a man holding a “Black Lives Matter” poster. Then again in June, at the 2015 BET Experience, he raised awareness via his attire. The “Sposed” rapper rocked a black T-shirt featuring the names of African-Americans who were killed by police written in white.

The Boombox caught up with the Motown Records signee to have him weigh in on some major cultural topics from Donald Trump’s comments about Mexicans and immigration to Bree Newsome, an activist who scaled a flagpole and removed the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state Capitol grounds after Dylann Roof shot nine African-American churchgoers in Charleston. He even offers his theory on why black southern churches are burning down. Take a look at OG Maco’s informed analysis below.

You are from the south and are pretty aware of the mass murder at the Charleston, S.C. church. Following that tragedy, fires began breaking out at black churches all over the south. What is your take on that?

I feel like those fires are [being set by] the KKK cops. There is no secret that a lot of the cops in the south are extremely racist or part of racist organizations. When they get off work they put that hood. So I am not shocked. But with these rednecks down here, when you stand up for yourself they try to find your knees and kick them as soon as possible. They want to scare your children and your pregnant women.

How do you think people should respond? When does it stop?

It was just like when that mom in Baltimore, she grabbed her son and beat him for trying to protest. I thought that was the stupidest thing in the world. Why would you support the idea of stopping your son from wanting to go stand up for what the f--- he believes in? You are just teaching him to run. You have to go sometimes; sometimes it’s time to fight. You have to pick and choose your battles. I feel like now, when we look at how many black youth that have been murdered by cops this year, just this year and we only half way there, when you look at the senseless murders it’s crazy.

It won’t stop and it’s not going to stop anytime soon for as long as we continue to stand up there will continue to be bloodshed. But people have to understand and Thomas Jefferson said it best: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed [from time to time with] the blood of patriots [and tyrants]." That’s just been it throughout history. There’s going to be some blood but you don’t let those people die in vein and never change anything to become docile and be placated again and again. You have to say enough is enough. Let them burn as many churches as they want. We will burn as many Confederate flags we can get our hands on. We will burn as many Nazi flags that we can get our hands on. We will burn as many apartheid flags that we can get our hands on.

How do you play your part in the war on black oppression as an artist or public figure?

We need to march; we need to speak on it. As artists, we need to continue to make these performance pieces that show our people to keep fighting.

Bree Newsome was arrested for climbing the flagpole and removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol. Do you think her act of civil disobedience was courageous?

I don’t feel like that is civil disobedience. I feel like that is heroism. There should be a statue commemorated in her honor, of her pulling down that flag. She is a hero because everyone else for years sat there and let that flag swing. But as soon as she saw a time where she felt this is what I am supposed to do, no matter what, she did it knowing that she was in a place where racism is extremely heavy. I think she is a modern American hero and should be treated as such and not [arrested] like some criminal. But you know, look how they did Martin [Luther King, Jr]. They did [Nelson] Mandela the same way. They did Malcolm [X] the same way.

So you think she shouldn’t have been arrested?

That should tell you something. When they take black people and imprison them for things that they may have just gave a white person a slap on a wrist for­­. If a white person would have climbed up there he would have been out [of jail]. But it’s the symbolism that it stands for, "We cannot let this black woman defame our racist pride."

Donald Trump is losing supporters left and right in his presidential bid due to his disparaging characterizations about Mexicans coming into America. What are your thoughts about Trump?

I think that it’s funny that all of these retailers and networks are supposedly pulling support from Trump but if you check the latest GOP polls, Donald Trump is still in second place. So that should tell you something right there, that speaks for itself. No matter what, Donald Trump says or he does or that his collection is in fact made in Mexico, that’s America. The country where you can be racist to the people who built your fortune. That is what Americans do. They call us n-----s and these are same n-----s that built the foundation of this country.

You are talking about the age-old tactic of divide and conquer.

Once you have the n------s indoctrinated into believing that we should be fighting against ourselves, then there is a new enemy. Put the minorities against each other to where a Chinese man feels he’s better than a n----- Mexican man, for what reason? To them we are all just chinks, spics and n-----s.

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