Rapper Offset was having a bad day on Saturday (Feb. 11). Apparently, the Migos rapper was kicked off an American Airlines flight for talking on his cell phone.

Offset jumped on his Instagram page and posted a video blasting the airline carrier for booting him off his scheduled flight.

“F--- American Airlines,” he fumes. “P---- ass n----s kicked me off the plane for motherf---ing talking on my phone. And he was a Black n----."

"You a real ho. Lame ass n----. Don’t get mad at me ’cause you work at the airport," he continued. "F--- American Airlines. Don’t nobody need to take that cheap ass flight anyway ... That’s the s--- you send your hoes on ... And I’m ’bout to take a private on y’all hoes. Kick me off the plane, I’ll go private.”

We must also mentioned that Offset's carry-on bag was completely filled with money so it begs the question - why he didn't go private in the first place? We are just asking.

Interestingly, a source told TMZ that Quavo and Takeoff were on the Dallas-bound flight as well but stayed on after Offset was removed. A rep at American Airlines told the gossip website that Offset was removed for being loud and disruptive after he was told to stop talking on his phone.

Reps for Offset had no comment on the matter.

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