Oddisee is a phenomenal hip-hop producer from the DMV (the D.C.,  Maryland and Virginia area) who is making plenty of noise with his latest instrumental album, 'The Beauty in All.' His complimentary rap mixtape, 'Tangible Dream,' which accompanies the LP, features the producer flexing his lyrical skills. One of the standout tracks is the introspective 'Own Appeal.'

The first thing you'll hear on the song is the guitar sample used. Rap heads may remember it from CRU's 1997 classic joint, 'Just Another Case.' But it's actually from '70's group Rhythm's 'The World Is a Place.' There's also a faint Doug E. Fresh vocal lift from his classic banger, 'The Show.'

On the track, Oddisee raps about staying focused on his craft of being the best producer in the rap game. Despite setbacks and temptations that come his way, the studio maverick vows to stay humble.

"I got a hunger for knowledge and I miss no meals / Stay high off life and I miss no pills / I'm addicted to the thrill of walking along the edge / Not knowing what lies ahead but always knowing the deal / I'm good with my decisions, the setbacks and gains is all apart of the game / I'm ready to spin the wheel / Whatever is in store, I'm ready for, for sure / The attitude of wealth with the gratitude of the poor," he raps.

'Own Appeal' is a great inspirational anthem that should motivate you to never stop pursuing your dreams.

Oddisee has been chasing his dream for nearly 10 years. We think it's fully realized on 'The Beauty in All' and 'Tangible Dream.'

Listen to Oddisee's 'Own Appeal'