While Bill Clinton memorably appeared on the hip-hop-saturated 'The Arsenio Hall Show' to rip some sweet saxophone, Barack Obama is the first U.S. President to openly embrace the genre and some its brightest stars. Jay-Z was one of the Commander-in-Chief's biggest supporters during his campaign, performing at rallies and giving interviews wherever he could. Obama seemed to be a genuine fan of the future billionaire.

In a rare interview with Rolling Stone, Obama, among other more pressing tasks, updated the nation on his evolving music tastes. Apparently, the President gets most of his rap recommendations from his right-hand man and aide Reggie Love. As he tells it, Love has filled up his 2,000-song iPod with favorites like Nas and Lil Wayne.

"Thanks to Reggie, my rap palate has greatly improved," he explained. "Jay-Z used to be sort of what predominated, but now I've got a little Nas and a little Lil Wayne and some other stuff."

While the thought of Obama listening to 'Lollipop' on Air Force One while longingly staring out the window is pretty amazing, the President mainly used the interview as a plea for younger democratic voters to make sure they hit the polls in November.

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