Kanye West is the latest celebrity to find himself fully exposed, and this time it's not for one of his infamous outbursts, but for nude photos. Radar Online is reporting that nude photos of the Chicago rapper may soon hit the 'Net, as they are being shopped around to different media outlets. West apparently took the pictures himself and sent them out to several different women.

According to the site, the flicks show West's private parts and "leave little to the imagination." In one photo West can be seen shirtless, wearing nothing but a gold chain, while another picture captures his exposed genitals. It is unclear just who the 33-year-old sent the photos to, but a source told the site that West sent the pictures to girls he contacted on the social networking site MySpace.

Earlier this year West broke up with longtime girlfriend Amber Rose, and has been spotted out an about with rumored love interest, model Selita Ebanks. He has yet to comment on the photos and is busy traveling the globe promoting his fifth album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.' The long awaited release is due out November 22.

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