Former Clipse member No Malice is back with his second studio effort called Let the Dead Bury the Dead. The collection is currently available on all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

No Malice, whose younger brother is Pusha T, delivers 10 tracks of fiery lyrics, including the previously released “Fake News” and “So Woke.” Among the highlights on the LP include the cautionary track “Jesus Christ,” where No Malice warns about the seven deadly sins over a sinister, piano-driven beat.

“Freedom come with salvation / False prophet I spot you like a dalmatian / Final destination be aware of what you headed for / I ain't gotta burn any bridge that's what hell is for!” he spits.

No Malice also shares his concept of spirituality and proselytizes his ideas on religiously-themed songs like “Done and Said” and “Shame on Me.”

“In your soul, empty like you ever was / Rich n----s be ranting / Like a parrot does / That almighty dollar ain’t nothing to be jealous of / I’m just here to give you guidance / Like a parent does,” he raps on “Done and Said.”

Overall, No Malice is a saved man with a heartfelt message to the youth. Let the Dead Bury the Dead is a great alternative to the mumble rap and nihilistic songs that’s permeating the music industry. This album deserves your attention.

Stream No Malice's Let the Dead Bury the Dead on Spotify

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