No Malice hasn't forgotten his roots as one-half of the Clipse, but in the visual for 'Bury That,' he lets the world know it's time to let go of the past.

The rapper, who ditched drug-fueled rhymes in 2011, to focus on bars promoting his faith, details his personal story in the visual, which finds him dressed as a mime, standing in front of the nation's flag and delivering his rap sermon in a room lit with candles.

From wishing he could retract "foolish words" to refusing to give his nephew a blessing on becoming a rapper, No Malice touches on some of his family matters as Jon Bibbs serves the soulful chorus.

He even addresses his relationship with his brother, Pusha T. "They would have you think I am at odds with my sibling / How they look alike yet bear no resemblance," the 41-year-old rhymes.

And even though the rapper admits he "broke 'em down, chopped 'em up like a ceiling fan" when it came to drugs, No Malice is done with that low period in his life. He has no problem offering up the truth, which also means the chances of a Clipse reunion aren't likely.

"Please it's time to let go of the past / Of the best duo ever, I guess I am an outkast,' No Malice delivers.

'Bury That' appears on the MC's solo album, 'Hear Ye Him,' released in August.