Nipsey Hussle's debut 'South Central State of Mind' had been delayed by Epic Records for almost two years with no explanation, and today the rapper revealed what fans were hoping for all along; Nipsey's finally left his label for an indie. In an interview with HipHopDX, the South Central, Los Angeles native discussed his new deal with All Money In Records and the alleged Dr. Dre diss on his new mixtape, 'The Marathon.'

"Honestly, I was always independent before I signed to Epic," Nipsey explained. "The way that Epic heard about me was through our movement as All Money In; what we was doing in L.A. as far as mixtapes ... as far as the touring we was doing just in our region. We just gonna go back to doing what we been doing."

Nipsey says things ended pretty amicably and the fallout was a result of the label's own internal changes. "Half of the staff is gonna be laid off or fired," he said of Epic, which was acquired by Columbia Records, "and the original staff that brought me in the building, that shared the original vision of really what Nipsey Hussle was, they're all gone." The rapper will luckily own all his own original recordings. "I'ma walk away with all my masters; I'ma walk away un-obligated, with my brand built, and it's all love and respect for everybody at Epic. We took a chance together. It was a lot of money spent, a lot of success together, and it's no hard feelings."

Despite appearing on a leaked track allegedly intended for Dre's long-delayed opus 'Detox,' Nipsey appears to have sent a warning shot at the West Coast legend on the song 'Mr. Untouchable,' spitting "High 'til we die/ So it's muthaf--- a 'Detox.'" According to Nipsey, if you're not with him, you're against him, no matter who you are.

"I mean, it ain't a shot, 'cause it doesn't [say] 'f--- [Dr.] Dre.'" Nipsey said of the line. "It ain't nothin' personal to Dre, it ain't nothin' personal against 'Detox ... N----s take it how they take it ... I ain't never really reached out to Dre, or Dre ain't never really reached out to me, so it ain't a shot against him, it's just, my focus is on what I'm doing now. I'm basically in a mindset of like, either you with me or you against me type s---. So, the n----s that's with me, they on the right side, anybody else [is] in the line of fire. And when I shoot I'ma knock heads off."

Check out Nipsey Hussle's 'The Marathon' mixtape here. 'South Central State of Mind' is once again without a release date.

Listen to Nipsey Hussle feat. Kokane's 'Mr. Untouchable'

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