Thanks to some song-leaking fan, Nicki Minaj has deleted her Twitter account. What was once a safe haven for Barbz and Ken Barbz to find retweeted compliments about their leader -- along with some relevant music info -- has now vanished into cyberspace. Nicki left the Internet on a really sour note, too. So while we'd like to believe this was a momentary lapse in judgment, perhaps the rapper born Onika means business and she really is offline forever. When most people jump off the social networking bandwagon and take things analog once more, they often learn new things about themselves or find new time-filling projects. The BoomBox decided to think of a few things the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded creator is probably doing now that she's not tweeting. If she isn't doing any of these things, then perhaps she should start.

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Nicki Minaj Brings Times Square to a Stop

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