It’s been awhile since we’ve from Nicki Minaj. On Sunday (Sept. 4), the Queen Barbz returned briefly and treated fans with “The Pinkprint Freestyle,” a 6-minute-long barrage of lyrical punchlines and truthful boasts.

Over a slight reworking of Young M.A.’s breakout single “OOOUUU,” Minaj quickly reminds listeners why she’s still the hottest chick in rap right now.

"I'm talkin' 'bout my brand and you talkin' 'bout your brands," she says on the intro. "The difference is a lot of MMMMMMMMMMs to your couple hundred grand."

The Queen, N.Y. native then gives Young M.A. the ultimate co-sign. "Young M.A. is the female Jay," she raps, adding, "I'm a brand accordin' to what retail say / Yeah my tours be sellin' out on resale day / Plus, I got the TIDAL queen stream, press replay."

Elsewhere, she holds down her boo Meek Mill (“Testify for my n---- to the D.A.’s face”), spits lyrical shots at her haters (“I’m dragging these hoes like Harambe did the kid”) and name checks Foxy Brown ("Shout out to Fox Brown, I don't mean Pam Grier").

The song abruptly flips toward the end, closing with the instrumental of Shabba Ranks' classic dancehall song "Ting-A-Ling." Before the track ends, she warns repeatedly, "M.I.A., M.I.A. / I make bitches go M.I.A / M.I.A., M.I.A., I make bitches go M.I.A."

It's clear from this freestyle that Nicki Minaj is hardly rusty when it comes to spitting bars. Could a new album be on the way?

Check out her freestyle below.

Listen to Nicki Minaj's "The Pinkprint Freestyle"