Nicki Minaj makes her acting debut in the upcoming romantic comedy 'The Other Woman.' In a special preview clip released on Wednesday (March 19), the rapper-actress shows off her acting skills opposite Cameron Diaz, who plays Carly.

In the one-minute scene, Queen Barbz plays Lydia, an executive assistant who comes to Carly's aid after witnessing her in despair. Apparently, Carly finds out that her boyfriend is married and she is completely devastated.

Lydia consoles her and gives her some, uh, love advice. When Carly tells her she's tired of being a jump off, Lydia disagrees and suggests that married men are her type.

"All I'm saying is that married guys would be the perfect fit for you," she says. "I think you need someone with something that's gonna keep 'em busy."

It’s then Carly reminds Lydia that she met her third husband while she was married as to suggest that she doesn't want to copy her unique marital path.

Before leaving, Minaj’s character offers some more words of wisdom.

"I'll tell you what my mother told me, and these are words to live by: Selfish people live longer," Lydia advises.

In the end, Minaj is showing her versatility as an artist with her new movie role in 'The Other Woman.'

According to the synopsis, the film stars Diaz as a jilted woman who befriends her ex-lover’s wife, played by Leslie Mann, and another mistress, played by Kate Upon, to exact revenge on the philandering lothario.

'The Other Woman' will open in theaters on April 25.