Nicki Minaj is into the Bard. Discussing her love of punctuation and hip hop, the Young Money MC brought up one of her favorite Shakespeare lines to illustrate her point. "The line was, 'Tis monstrous'- period. And the second line was, 'Iago, who done it' - question mark. Then we read it without punctuation. 'Tis monstrous Iago who done it," which basically gives the story away. The fact that punctuation can change what you're saying, I guess that's why I love hip-hop - being able to say the same thing but it meaning a different thing." Guess we follow you. [PaperMag]

'Mad Men' heavyweight Christina Hendricks recently said that she's having trouble finding designers to lend her clothing to wear at awards shows. "People have been saying some nice, wonderful things about me. Yet not one designer in town will loan me a dress," the buxom redhead lamented. "They only lend out a size 0 or 2. So I'm still struggling for someone to give me a darn dress." THIS IS A CRIME. [ImNotObsessed]

VMA host Chelsea Handler has a sweet ass, but she's not planning to show it to you any time soon. "I'm not a dancer and I'm not a singer, and I don't have the kind of ass that should be mooned. I mean it's sweet, it's a sweet ass, but it's little and it's white." Noted. [MTV]