Another collaborative track by Nicki Minaj and house music superstar-producer David Guetta has made its way to the Internet. Unlike the Brit-accent-tinged rhymes the record-breaking rapper lent to Guetta's 'Where Them Girls At,' this time Minaj belts out the chorus with her own -- albeit a bit auto-tuned -- pipes.

"I am so proud of what she did on this record because we know her for those crazy raps but the other record that we have, she is singing like -- oh man," the The Black Eyed Peas 'I've Got a Feeling' producer told Billboard. "The world is gonna be shocked. Because they don't know her like this and we came up with that amazing song and she just killed it."

Check out Minaj crooning "Come on and turn me on/ Make me come alive/ Come on and turn me on/ Touch me, save my life" to the dance beat. Is the little leaked snippet enough to "shock" you?

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