This edition of our Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded countdown -- Day 6 -- focuses on the rapper's fashion. Arguably one of the biggest components to her artistry -- next to the music itself -- Minaj's clothing is nothing short of intriguing. Wardrobe stylist Rose Garcia weighs in on the 29-year-old's fashion sense. With a resume that includes dressing Cassie, Amber Rose and having recently styled Minaj for the cover of Complex magazine's 10th anniversary issue, Garcia has had a personal view of the "Starships" creator's process when putting together her looks. The funny faces and eclectic clothing options appear to be free-spirited, but are far more calculated than one might think.


Rose Garcia's Countdown

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"She's a true definition of a Barbie. One day she's gonna be an astronaut, the next day she's gonna be a doctor, the next day she's gonna be a Malibu girl. She always knows where she wants to take it. Knowing her background being a theater major, I would imagine that plays a huge [role] in her choices and her decisions. It may have taken her a while to get to where she is now, but she's found that vibrant personality that she wants to exude. She doesn't ever want to look like she's giving you the same character everyday.

I see her [as a] black Madonna. I feel like Madonna throughout the years has been able to reinvent herself and stay on trend, and be ahead of the trend. I feel like she is that person for our generation. You never really know [what she's going to do] and that's what's so exciting. If you're an artist, you should embody the word 'artist.' You don't always have to be an 'around the way girl' with your door knockers [earrings] and your sneakers. As a rap artist, you can be more of a pop feel, you can play around with fashion, you can take a risk. I feel like there are so many new artists that come about that look very different as far as fashion. Years ago, that wasn't the case. Everyone kind of wore the same sort of designers, the same type of look.

What stood out to me is that she very much knows what she wants and that is amazing. I feel like you need an artist like her that sees her vision more than you see it for her. She doesn't come off as the type of person that's swayed into something that isn't her, and isn't her image. I thought that was amazing, being an outsider, but seeing her as someone in the media. She may have been wearing a chicken leg necklace [on 'Good Morning America'], but she wanted to wear that necklace. She knows the directions she wants to go in, and I respect that."

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