During a cover shoot for Elle magazine's May Women in Music issue, Nicki Minaj took time out from her busy schedule to discuss her current favorite artists and the pressures she faces as a female rapper in the spotlight.

"I listen to Beyoncé, I listen to Rihanna, I listen to Kanye, and of course Lil Wayne. Of course Drake" she revealed, of the artists running her iPod, before switching lanes. "I listen to a lot of gospel music. I listen to Cyndi Lauper, Avril Lavigne... I just bought a whole bunch of reggae like Mavado and Lady Saw and Beenie Man."

Nicki went on to discuss her recent rise to fame, and the scrutiny she now faces for her frequently racy comments. "To know that I'm 'making waves,' it feels good, but it gives me a little more pressure. Because before, I would do things without thinking," she explained. "I would do an interview without thinking or wear something without thinking, but it makes me put a lot more thought because now, I know people are going to pick it apart. Whether they love or hate it, people are going to pick it apart."

To that end, Nicki's talking slightly less reckless, but still living her dream as a star performer on Lil Wayne's sold out I Am Still Music tour with Rick Ross and Travis Barker.

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