Ever since Nicki Minaj released the artwork for her 'Anaconda' single, the Internet and blogospheres have been going crazy, and that same level of insanity will probably be matched when the video drops.

Today (Aug. 4), Queen Barbz released a teaser for the song's visual, which shows her sporting a glittery gold mini dress with a matching brassiere. There's also a close-up shot of Minaj bending down on all fours twerking seductively, as she gives the camera an incredibly intense come-hither look.

However, the Young Money lyricist isn't the only pretty face in the video. She's surrounded by four other gorgeous women who are also dressed in skimpy outfits, as all the ladies stand in what appears to be a rainforest.

Minaj also released a CD-quality version of 'Anaconda' on iTunes this morning. The song quickly rose to No. 9 on the iTunes single charts within a few hours, which shows how eager fans are to purchase and own this much talked about single.

Listen to Nicki Minaj’s Song ‘Anaconda’ (CD Quality Version)