The wait is finally over for Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Critics, fans and skeptics alike will officially be able to weigh in on one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Whether you call it hip-hop, pop or the new genre known as hip-pop, there's no denying this rapper keeps the masses entertained. For the last day of our countdown, The BoomBox caught up with "Queen of all Media" Perez Hilton to share his thoughts on hip-hop's one and only Barbie.

Hilton's blog -- began as a hobby while he pursued an acting career. Since then, the site has grown into one of the largest entertainment blogs in the world. It began as a tongue-in-cheek critique on celebrity culture, but has shifted into a trusted entertainment news platform. As a celebrity himself, Hilton clocks over 4.5 million followers on Twitter and is viewed as a respected commentator on pop culture. He's laid the groundwork for turning blogging into a multi-million dollar empire.

He first featured Minaj in an interview on his website in 2010, and has nothing but good things to say about her achievements.


Perez Hilton's Countdown

to Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded


"She will easily go down as one of the greatest female MC's of all time! Before Nicki, the ladies had taken a long break from being commercially viable and culturally impactful. She has exceeded expectations and proven that she is not only a true talent, but also a genius!

I'm expecting [her album] to sell a lot! I'm expecting a little something for everyone! She's gotta keep all her fans happy! Why put her in a box? That's stifling! She's not just a rapper or a singer. She's an artist!"

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