As The BoomBox previously reported, Nick Minaj donned blonde and pink dreads, a wife beater and Weezy-centric tattoos for a hilarious Birdman and Lil Wayne shoot last week. 'Y. U. Mad' features the Young Money female MC as her metal-mouthed boss danced about the film set. But Minaj has gone a step further to pay homage to Tha Carter himself.

In a faux interview, the lady Weezy goes on a seven-minute diatribe about the state of music and how Tupac has influenced every single aspect of the rapper's life. "If you know anything about ... Lil Wayne ... you would know that all I do is defy the odds. Tupac was my hero, nowadays n----- just f----- up the game," Minaj says, imitating Wayne's voice.

But that's not all the blonde bombshell shares. When asked if Lil Wayne has any tour plans, Minaj simply responds, "I am tour. I am music," while continuously receiving larger-than-life blunts from an off-camera assistant.

As for being a role model, the Wayne doppelganger goes on a confusing, yet equally hilarious rant about how he is the "Barack Obama Bugatti." Check out the entire interview below.

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