Last night, E! premiered part one of Nicki Minaj's three-part TV special, "Nicki Minaj: My Truth," and she didn't hold back with the cameras around, allowing fans to see a completely unedited side of the "Starships" rapper.

In the episode, Nicki took E! cameras inside some high-pressure moments, like during a fashion meltdown before her first day as an "American Idol" judge, and at her perfume launch, where she confronted blogger Perez Hilton about the stories he prints about her.

One story in particular, that she was feuding with Rihanna, prompted Nicki to ask Perez if he believes the stories he prints are true. "I'm sick of you printing lies," she said. "I wanna know, do you guys really believe the shit you put on there?"

Besides her talk with Perez, Nicki will also be discussing her feud with fellow Idol judge Mariah Carey more in the two episodes remaining.

Watch the full first episode and see how Perez responds to her question below.

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