Wig-wearing femcee Nicki Minaj doesn't sport any height-defying coifs in her new 'Super Bass' video, but we counted four total -- a half-pink-and-blonde hairpiece, a swampy green mop, a wavy pink shag cut and a glow-in-the-dark (via blacklight) Barbarella 'do.

The fifth single off her 'Pink Friday' debut, 'Super Bass' was offered as a bonus track off the deluxe edition of the album, and received a small cult following after country singer Taylor Swift rapped it on a radio show.

In the Sanaa Hamri-directed clip, Minaj channels both her Barbie personality when riding a motor-icicle and her British-accent alter-ego Roman Zolanski during a champagne pink pool party. Minaj also turns off the lights for one of her signature lap dances -- made infamous during her recent tour with Lil Wayne. The uber-catchy "boom, badoom, boom, boom" chorus makes 'Super Bass' the most pop-friendly Minaj song released to radio yet.

Minaj wrapped up her opening gig on Weezy's I Am Still Music tour last weekend and will be joining Britney Spears this summer on the Femme Fatale tour. It kicks off June 17 in Sacramento, Calif.

Watch Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' Video
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