Nicki Minaj is finally revealing her target in the 'Roman's Revenge' track, and it's not necessarily about Lil' Kim, it's all her haters who just happen to be female emcees. In an interview on DJ Khaled's 99 Jamz Radio show in Miami, the Harajuku Barbie remained vague when breaking down who she feels deserves a tongue lashing, Roman Zolanski style. "I'm talking about everyone who has been in interviews talking," she said. "I think it's good for people to hear me respond to a lot. People have said so much about me so I don't ever single anyone out because no one is worth being singled out."

Perhaps taking another shot at Kim, Minaj's explained that naming names is not her style. "No one is worth having their name mentioned out of my mouth and they never will get that. But you know, I've been quiet for such a long time, I've been the nice guy, I've been the person that gave everybody their props. I complemented everybody from day one and I think that as a rapper, you can't be a rapper and not speak on things being said about you. So, I use my music to say what I have to say."

It's hard to believe that the Eminem-assisted track has nothing to do with Kim. Judging by the lyrics alone, Minaj does everything but call the Queen B out by her name. "The f--- I look like, getting back to a has-been?/ Yeah I said it, has-been/ Hang it up, flat screen," she raps, addressing the one-sided beef Kim sparked by accusing Minaj of copying her style without contacting her.

With or without the haters, Minaj's career is still on the fast track. Her debut, 'Pink Friday,' drops Nov. 22.