When Kendrick Lamar’s controversial verse on Big Sean's 'Control' was released, he mentioned several rappers that he felt were his peers. One artist he didn’t name was Nicki Minaj. During an interview with Power 105’s the Breakfast Club, Queen Barbz addressed her absence on the song as well as K.Dot's claim that he's the King of New York.

"I'm probably in the top five of the n----s he did mention, so go and do your motherf—-ing research," she told Charlamagne the God. "But, I also feel like he may be one of those respectful gentlemen that probably felt like, 'I don't want to say a female's name.' Or maybe he just don't think the kid is ill. But the kid knows the kid is ill, so I don't need to be on nobody's d---."

When Charlamagne suggested that she should be offended that Kendrick called himself the King of New York, Minaj quickly chided him without hesitation.

"I'm the queen of New York. I'm the king of New York. Let me tell you why," she responded. "Platinum albums. Albums. Plural. Number one in five motherfucking countries, n----. "

"Don’t play with me. You better respect my motherf---ing gangsta, bitch," she continued. "When you got an album that goes number one in Japan, the UK, Australia, America and Canada at the same motherf---ing time, then you can speak my motherf---ing name."

On Saturday (Nov. 2), Minaj went on Twitter to inform her Barbz that she was only having fun during the interview. The Young Money superstar also made it clear that she thinks Jay-Z is the King of New York.

"Lol. I'm going to post the full interview. It was all in fun. For the record, Hov is the king of NY in my eyes," she tweeted.

Oddly enough, during Kendrick Lamar performance at Power 105's Powerhouse event in Brooklyn, he brought out Lil Kim. Was that a jab at Nicki? Hmmm?

What do you think? Is Nicki Minaj the King and Queen of New York? Tell us in the comments below.

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