Nicki Minaj made headlines over the past few days following her interview with XXL.

Nicki was speaking about her legacy and influence in the rap game and explained that she broke into the hip-hop scene when there "wasn't a big female rap presence," so her role was "reintroducing the female rapper to pop culture." Somehow, her word were misconstrued, and many outlets made it sound as if she said she'd saved women in rap or was being unnecessarily boastful about her influence. Now, Nicki has responded.

She went on Instagram and posted the interview in full.

"I see ppl remixing my words so let me post 'exactly' what I said for the intelligent ones in the back," she wrote. "Now, if you can find the part where I said 'I made female rappers mainstream', I'll give you $100,000.00. 😅 blogs & tv shows don't care to do actual research these days, they only care about what grabs your attention... at anyone's expense."

She went on to write: "When I came out, there had been a drought of a few years where NO female rap album had gone platinum, females weren't getting budgets, the industry did NOT believe in the female rapper anymore. They had stopped generating MONEY for labels."

Check out her IG post below.

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