After her grand entrance at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, followed by her performance and levitation, fashionably sacrilegious rapper Nicki Minaj can't say she's not dressing to be noticed. Who knew that it's these outrageous outfits, each crazier than the next, that give the rapper a thrill.

"I like the idea of doing something that everyone else is not. I get high off that," Nicki admits in an interview with New York magazine. "Just the idea that other people don't have the balls to do something -- that's my thing." In the new issue of New York Magazine, Nicki reminisces over her days as a young girl, playing with make up, begging her mother to let her partially bleach her, like her fashion hero Cyndi Lauper. "I've always been experimenting." Ooh, guess that first blonde hair highlight was the gateway drugs.

The Young Money rhymer also goes into explaining her various multiple personalities and their separate fashion sensibilities, like her male alter-ego Roman: "There's one that's angry, a little more in-your-face. I named that person Roman. He guest stars on my new album... Roman is more outlandish with his dress code -- he'll wear speakers on his butt and stuff like that."

Underneath all that drag and costume, where's the real Nicki? "If I'm more dressed down in sweats and black hair, that's the Nicki character," she says. Wait a minute ... "Nicki character"? How much make-up remover will it take to see the real, really real Nicki?

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