There are many fans who applaud Nicki Minaj being featured on the cover of ESPN Magazine's next issue. Unfortunately, the rapper isn't one of them.

Minaj posted the cover on her Instagram page with the caption, "When retouching goes wrong."

She later posted untouched, behind-the-scenes photos in which she writes that her "forehead doesn’t mysteriously grow in length.” Although she was upset with the ESPN cover, the Queens, N.Y., native says she was happy to meet Kobe Bryant for the shoot. “So honored to be a part of this with Kobe. Had a blast," Minaj added.

ESPN's Editor-in-Chief Chad Millman denies Minaj's claims that the image on the cover of the magazine was altered.

"While we occasionally make minor visual and cosmetic adjustments to cover images, we do not significantly change a person's unique physical characteristics," he said in a statement to TooFab. "The folks on our covers are too proud of their bodies to stand for that. The forehead Ms. Minaj walked in with is the one on the cover and we’re thrilled she participated.”

Kobe Bryant was more than happy to meet the Young Money star during the shoot. “I’ve obviously admired her work from afar, as we all have. My whole family, we’re all big Nicki fans,” he says. “I just think it’s fascinating the way she’s been able to create this entire world around what Nicki Minaj is and what she represents for not just women, but kids as a whole.”

The 'Pink Friday' creator, who will be releasing new music this year, also joins Kendrick Lamar and Eminem as the other rappers featured on ESPN's Music Issue, which hits newsstands today (Jan. 24).