Nicki Minaj thinks Kanye West is a genius. "I had this conversation, 'Kanye West is gonna hate me [But] I met him and it was, 'Oh, come here, I want you to look at these naked girls.' Kanye West is everything that I didn't think he was, and a genius," she explained, cryptically. "He doesn't limit himself...I heard him say the other day, not in these words, 'I'm not doing this for the masses, I'm not doing this for mainstream, you have to come to me, come get this art if you want it.'" That must be why he tries so hard to make people like him and respect his "art" etc. He's just so aloof and introverted. [MTV]

Look out, world. Nicole Richie, who is now an author, and totally an authority on genius, says 'Jersey Shore' member Snooki is about to "take over." "I think she's going to take over the world. Everybody has been really underestimating her...You don't know what's going on in that poof. She could be hiding a world of genius writing." Not sure what's better, the idea that a drunk oompa loompa might take over the world, or the fact that Richie thinks she's been underestimated. [VanityFair]

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