Nicki Minaj might actually be feeling paranoid in the wake of her feud with Remy Ma back in February.

According to a source that spoke to AllHipHop, Minaj has increased her security, and is having completely locked down studio sessions out of fear that someone may be out to harm her.

Nicki released a response track of her own called "No Frauds" last month after a lengthy wait by fans and the hip hop community, where she shared her own thoughts on the matter. Although she tried to shift focus to her chart success and record-breaking hits, reports say that the female rapper might be a little shaken by Remy's diss.

"Nicki has been working out of a very popular studio lately, and she won’t eat or touch anything that’s been opened out of fear that someone may be trying to harm or poison her," the source claims. Apparently the studio is so locked down that only the employees and engineers are the ones allowed to be there. The source says that Nicki won’t have more than one person in the studio at a time, making work difficult for everyone, and causing each work day to be 15 hours long for the people there.

Recently while visiting London, Minaj posted a video of her walking through the streets of the city, where she noticed a fan filming her with his video camera. She alerted her security, and even stopped in her tracks so he would stop filming. Maybe the source is telling the truth about Nicki and her paranoia, but hopefully we can still get some new music soon.

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