The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards started off with a bang (bang) and some pop music courtesy of Ariana Grande, Jessie J  and of course Nicki Minaj.

Ariana Grande set off the three song medley only to segue in to a Nicki Minaj clad in a sequined green bathing suit to perform her big booty anthem 'Anaconda.' Minaj and her dancers treated the audience and viewers to some expert twerking and some simulated bumping and grinding before making way for Jessie J to make her entrance and launch into 'Bang Bang' which features both Minaj and Grande.

Nicki disappeared momentarily for a costume change and when she reappeared she strutted across the stage clutching her little black dress for dear life as if it threatened to disintegrate if she let go. Apparently the victim of a wardrobe malfunction, Minaj kept her cool delivering her verse with a smile and posing as well as a woman holding her outfit together could.