Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj caught the Internet's attention with her bodacious and clearly Photoshopped (a wet shirt and no bra?) Rolling Stone cover. Now the juicy parts are being exposed: the interview.

The usually guarded rhymer has been opening up more recently, discussing her personal life on 'The Pinkprint' album and recent interviews. Her talk with Rolling Stone is no different; Minaj said being more revealing was one of her goals in the making of her new LP.

"One of my goals was to give people a glimpse into my personal life, because it's something I've kept very private," Minaj said.

Among the topics she touches on is getting an abortion at a young age. She spoke on it in an early career track called 'Autobiography,' but renewed interest with the album opener, 'All Things Go.'

She recalls finding out she was pregnant during her high school days and thinking, "I was going to die." Minaj goes on to say the experience "haunted me all my life."

"It'd be contradictory if I said I wasn't pro-choice. I wasn't ready. I didn't have anything to offer a child," the Queens, N.Y. native shares.

This was a wide-spanning interview, too. The conversation also fell on Kanye West, and Minaj talked about the inspiration for her verse on 'Monster.'

"He said, 'What do you really wanna say?'" Minaj said. "So instead of writing a rap, I wrote pages and pages of like, 'I'm sick of people talking about this, tired of people saying I'm that' — ranting in a notebook, basically. Then I read it back, highlighted major things and put it in rap form."

She discusses her craftsmanship ("I hate when artists brag about not writing rhymes, or doing things really quickly, and then it's not great"), a scare that landed her in the ambulance and familial ties. The complete interview drops Jan. 2, 2015.

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