Entertainer Nick Cannon recently challenged rival Eminem to a charity boxing match, but when his invitation went ignored he upped the stakes, calling MC Hammer to join in.

Cannon, who is the morning host on New York's 92.3 WXRK radio, and fancies himself a comedian, tweeted on Tuesday, September 28, "TAGTEAM WRESTLING MATCH!! Me and @MCHAMMER against @Eminem and Jay Z! LOL!"

Cannon has had a personal vendetta against Eminem for some time now, as Em allegedly dated his wife, Mariah Carey, before the two were married, and ridiculed her on his last album, 'Relapse.' Meanwhile, Hammer hilariously called out Jay-Z over a line in Kanye West's new song, 'So Appalled,' where Jay referenced the fact that Hammer famously lost his fortune back in the 90's, rapping "unlike Hammer, $30 million can't hurt me." Hammer responded by calling Jigga "Hellboy," a reference to his alleged Freemason ties, and posted a video of himself attacking a heavy bag.

Though his invitation to "tagteam wrestle" went ignored by everyone involved, Cannon continues his campaign, claiming that, while he'd probably lose the fight, the challenge was an Andy Kaufman-esque comedy routine.

"Hey @MCHAMMER you know you my dude ... but I don't think Eminem or Jay Z are even paying attention to us!!! LOL. But I don't have nothing to lose!!! If I get beat up no one would be surprised ... It will just be more material for my stand up!" Cannon wrote, before conceding that he's not really that gangster. "Trust their is a big difference between Gangsters and entertainers! I know a few Gangsters and they don't tweet!"

As yet, no one has responded to Cannon's tweets. Jeru the Damaja might have something to say about this situation, Nick. Chill.