Former backup singer Anthony David has been making music independently for years but now he's catching a big break --Universal is releasing a sampler of songs from his last two albums for his major label debut dubbed 'Acey Duecy,' in stores today.

"[It's] my greatest hits," David said, laughing. "Some songs are thought-provoking, some are introspective and some are romantic," he says of his new album, which he describes as a "cycle." The singer first started playing music about 10 years ago and admits that it hasn't been all roses, but at some point he knew it would become his life's work. "At some point I was doin' it and I thought, 'I really like this,'" he said.

While shifting between Savannah and Atlanta, G.A., David was introduced to India.Arie, who was not a musician at the time, and the pair began working together. David went on to write Arie's 'A Part of My Life,' a track off her seven-time Grammy nominated album 'Acoustic Soul.'

The songstress returned the favor and makes a guest appearance on 'Acey Duecy.'

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