For years, hip-hop beef was rooted in East and West Coast rivalry. While the Suge Knights, Snoop Doggs and Puff Daddys of the world were verbally battling it out, another hip-hop scene was developing its own voice below the Mason-Dixon Line. In the documentary, 'New Flavors,' filmmakers Brian Bentley and Vernon Clarke take a look at the rise of Southern hip-hop and it's broad impact on American society.

Featuring interviews with Southern rappers like Akon, Chamillionaire, Luke and Trina, 'New Flavor' examines how the region's unique sound help shape the future of the genre. Beyond just music, the film looks at how Southern hip-hop has influenced the entire cultural, economic, political and social landscape of our country. Check out the entire film for free, courtesy of our friends at Snagfilms, after the jump.

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