On his 2010 track 'Runaway,' Kanye West asks us to "have a toast" for all the "douchebags," "a--holes" and "scumbags" of the world. Now, thanks to a Super Bowl ad that aired last night and featured the tune, we know what type of beverage we should be hoisting and clinking: Bud Light Platinum.

The folks at Budweiser used just the first 30 seconds of Kanye's nine-minute epic track, so we don't get to hear his voice. Instead, we get a spare, chilly piano -- a fitting accompaniment for the robotic beer factory depicted in the commercial. There's not a person in sight -- just blue bottles being formed by machines, filled with golden brew and etched with the company logo.

"Man has long dreamed of turning lead into gold," the voiceover narrator tells us. "We dreamed of turning gold into platinum."

Kanye, of course, is no stranger to that dream. For Yeezy, it came true in January 2011, when 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' -- the album from which 'Runaway' comes -- went from gold to platinum, achieving sales of more than a million.

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