More than 10 years after his death, new music from rapper Big L is set to hit the streets. The album 'Return of the Devils Son,' to be released by SMC records, marks the first posthumous album from the Harlem born emcee since his death in 1999. Taking its title from his debut single 'Devils Son,' the 21-track project was produced by L's DITC collective, and features an appearance from hip-hop legend Kool G Rap.

Although this latest release is said to conclude his catalog of recordings, since his death there have been a couple of projects honoring the life and career of the DITC member. In late 2009 it was announced that the documentary 'Street Struck,' which began filming when L was alive, was slated to be released in February 2010, coinciding with the 11th anniversary of his death. Additionally, the compilation '139th & Lenox' was released in August, compiling previously unreleased tracks and mixes to L's music.

Born Lamont Coleman, L was tragically murdered just before he was set to drop his sophomore album, and was rumored to sign a deal with Jay-Z's Rock-A-Fella records. L's murder remains unsolved. 'Return of the Devils Son' drops November 16.

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