Though he's featured in two upcoming films, Ne-Yo would like to reassure fans that he'll never give up his singing career for the silver screen. "I developed a love and appreciation for the acting thing," Ne-Yo explained. "But it will never take the place of music." [Rap-Up]

Snooki described her mindset in the new season of 'Jersey Shore,' saying she went "balls-to-the-wall" in her pursuit of a mate. "Me, I just kind of went balls-to-the-wall, because I hated the male race, and I just wanted to go out and just, like, destroy every guy that I found, so I pretty much just did that." She does look pretty radioactive. [MTV]

Guess who Seth Rogen and co-writer Evan Goldberg patterned the lead character of their new film 'Green Hornet' after."We kind of based him off a male Paris Hilton, as embarrassing as that is to say," Rogen told MTV News. "That is what we looked at -- those people who are the sons or daughters of people who have accomplished great things. We probably give them a little more credit than they've gotten in the past and we explore why they're such jerks and why they act out. Maybe it's because they didn't get the attention they wanted." 'Green Hornet,' a superhero with an allowance a sex tape and a criminal record. [MTV]