Ne-Yo is used to raking in big bucks for his performances but a judge ruled Tuesday (August 24) that he will have to pay for missing one. According to reports the R&B singer and his booking agent will fork over upwards of $156,000 for failing to show up at a New Year's Eve celebration in Washington state back in 2008.

After a four day trial, which ended in early August, Maryland's Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Philip Caroom decided that Ne-Yo, born Shaffer Smith, and local promoter Mike Esterman, are to pay damages to promoter Kenyohn Clark. Clark argued that after Esterman booked the show for Ne-Yo, and then not only failed to produce the Grammy winner, but pocketed the $96,000 performance deposit fee. Ne-Yo, who testified during the trial, confirmed Clark's claims stating that he knew "in his heart of hearts" that the money should have been returned. Although the judgment falls far short of the reported $1 million Clark was seeking, the money will aid him financially as he embarks on a career as a military contractor; a job which his attorney, Jason Brino, claims he took after becoming "public enemy no. 1" for the failed concert.

This isn't the first time Ne-Yo has found himself in court behind a performance. In 2008 he successful sued tour promoter Rowe Entertainment, for kicking him off an R. Kelly tour in late 2007. He was granted $700,320 in the case.

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