Having trouble finding Ne-Yo's wedding registry? That might be because the singer isn't actually getting hitched, as was widely reported Tuesday (Sept. 20). He and girlfriend Monyetta Shaw are, however, still waiting on baby No. 2, so feel free to buy them some diapers.

"Ok twit fam," the daddy-to-be tweeted Wednesday (Sept. 21). "To put all rumors to rest. Not engaged but am expecting second child. Mo has no rep. The person claiming to rep her lied."

"Thanx for the interest in my personal," he added in another tweet. "Know that the day I DO decide to take that step you will hear it from the horse's mouth. Much love."

Now that Ne-Yo doesn't have to worry about planning a wedding, he might have more time to work on his forthcoming fifth studio album and '101' mixtape, which he's working on with comedian Kevin Hart.

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