Ne-Yo has a packed schedule as of late, with recording material for his new album, The Cracks in Mr. Perfect, searching for worthy music as senior VP of A&R at Motown Records and promoting his new spirit, Malibu Red. The latter project may be a new business venture but it isn't straying far from his roots. The R&B crooner recorded a new song to coincide with the liquor launch as well as filmed a new video: "Burnin' Up."

In the clip, which was directed by Chris Robinson, Ne-Yo is strolling down a corridor on his way to take the stage for a performance. On the way, he and his crew literally run into three beauties, one being actress Anabelle Acosta. The Latina isn't too thrilled with Ne-Yo's carelessness, considering she almost tumbled to the floor as a result of their collision. She throws out a bunch of harsh words in Spanish before heading on her merry way. The singer, who never uttered a word, was won over by Acosta's bold behavior.

"Yo, I think I need to see that girl again," he tells his crew member before he rises to the stage.

Ne-Yo gets his wish when he hits high notes in front of her as she stands in the crowd. "Just one look in your direction, we made a connection... You look like a lotta/ Trouble but I gotta/ See what kinda trouble you are," he croons.

The two travel from Barbados to Mexico and engage in some steamy moves.

Watch Ne-Yo's "Burnin' Up" Video

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