Baby mama drama.

According to TMZ, Jesseca White is upset after Ne-Yo talked about the struggles of their past relationship during a VHI "Behind the Music" interview and has hired a lawyer, accusing him of breaking their confidentiality agreement.

The site reports that during their relationship, White had a baby that she thought was Ne-Yo's, but the baby was actually not his. The couple reached a settlement agreement in 2009, and Ne-Yo paid $575,000 to White, who in turn, officially said the kid wasn't his. TMZ says that Ne-Yo was originally listed on the birth certificate as the father, but his name was removed. Both sides agreed to a confidentiality clause, promising to never go public with the information.

But, in the "Behind the Music" interview that aired in September, Ne-Yo opened up about the situation, and White was not pleased with his comments.

Ne-Yo recalled the day he found out the baby was not his, telling the camera, "Jesseca called me, bawling crying. I'm like, 'What's wrong with you?' And all she could say is, 'He's not yours, he's not yours.' She just kept saying it over and over and over again, to the point where I dropped the phone. Chimere's not mine. That hurt 'cause I had attached myself to this guy, you know. This is my son. I'm looking at him and I'm picturing I'm gonna be old, and he's gonna be - this is my son! It's not my son."

During the interview, Ne-Yo insisted that news didn't change his feeling on the baby. "I didn't care who the father was," he told VHI. "In my mind, I was still Chimere's father. I was there when he was born. I saw him when he first came out. I held him. He was my kid. In the state of California, if you put yourself out there as the father, the mother can then come after you in court like you're the biological father so we settled out of court for what I thought was an ungodly amount of money. Shortly after that Jesseca and Chimere vanished."

When he was asked during the interview if he still is in touch with them, Ne-Yo said, "No. Nope. Life goes on and so do we."

Now, White has hired attorney Gloria Allred and has written a letter to Ne-Yo, accusing him of breaking their agreement and saying she's been "defamed, ridiculed and harassed" after his comments were made public. White says she's been unable to work, was forced to file for state aid, suffers from mental anguish and is "beset by nausea, vomiting and hair loss." She wants the matter to be solved out of court, or she threatened more serious legal options.

Ne-Yo's rep didn't respond for comment to TMZ.

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