Nas has had a productive year in music despite the tabloid fodder trailing his divorce from ex-wife Kelis. His collaboration with Damian Marley, 'Distant Relatives,' was a fan favorite and well received upon its release and the Queens native recently ripped a new track on Green Lantern's 'Invasion Radio 2K10' mixtape. The song is semi-boldly entitled 'Power, Paper & P----' and was quickly followed by a new jam called 'Last Real, Part 2.' Both tracks really show Nas getting back to his mid '90s roots with some hard-hitting raps.

"[Nasty Nas] never left," the rapper said to MTV News when asked to explain the new work's ferocious feel. "I recorded the song in my hometown of New York City. I was feeling the vibe of the streets and sewers, [which] helped me get in that zone."

Apparently, for 'Last Real, Part 2,' Nas went into the studio itching to return to the heavy sampling of yesteryear. He asked longtime collaborator Salaam Remi to flip Herb Alpert's 'Rise' -- a smooth jazz record that came out in 1979 and is heavily featured on Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Hypnotize.'

"Cars with police radars," Nas raps. "On highways bopping/ Bullpen therapy/ Cell-block dodging/ Pissy stairways/ Miss them days, not when/ They shut down stores when I'm shopping."

Remi explained that the track was just a small sampling of what they've been cooking up recently. He touched on his working relationship with Nas and how they aren't afraid to push each other towards potential greatness.

"That's a process we always go through," said Remi. "Really, it's all about the vibe of what we're trying to go for. Nas will throw ideas at me and I'll bounce them right back. We try not to overthink it and let the music speak for itself."

Check out Nas' new track here.