Nas has premiered the video for his lead single, 'Nasty,' off his 10th studio album, 'Life Is Good,' today (Oct. 11).

Jason Goldwatch directs this throwback piece that revisits 'Nasty' Nas' start in the Queensbridge projects where he rose to fame as an MC. Nasir acts as a freestyling host who navigates viewers through his day-to-day life growing up in New York City.

The video begins with Nas in the studio spliced with scenes of him visiting his own hood and cruising around town in a Rolls-Royce, since he's skinny but "still too big for a Bentley."

"You know 'Nasty' is what I would like the game to be right now in a lot of ways; back to the realness," Nasir told MTV News.

"I never see the whips n----s be claimin' they drivin'/ I guess entertainment means blatantly lyin'/ Fake it 'til you make it, I've driven those toys/ Been in the wars, in the streets, cops kickin' in doors/ For my deen n----s, your flow cheap as limousine liquor," he spits while touring through his friends' house and back to the studio where the music video comes to a close.

Watch Nas' 'Nasty'

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