Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Last week, Drake teamed with the people over at Funny or Die to show off his comedic skills and it appears that Nas is following suit.

The Queens rapper may be the last name that comes to mind when thinking of comedy, but after teaming with writer Colton Dunn for the hilarious 'Shadows' skit, he may have stumbled upon a new talent.

Nas plays a stalker version of himself, following Dunn to his hotel room to charge his iPhone, only to taunt him with his elusive whispers. As Dunn becomes agitated at being able to hear the 'Stillmatic' creator, but not actually see him, Nas breaks into a lullaby and even second-guesses his decision to charge his phone. "I shoulda left at 50 percent but I always like to leave with a full power bar," he says.

By the end of the sketch it looks to be one big hoax with Nas recording his voice just to irritate Dunn and, of course, charge his cell phone.

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