While the much-anticipated follow-up to Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' was never to come to fruition, some of the late-singer's unreleased songs will see the light of day as part of a new compilation. And now, two tracks from 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures' have been made available in advance of the album's Dec. 5 release.

The first, 'Like Smoke,' is a collaboration with Nas, originally recorded in 2008, by producer Salaam Remi. The track debuted Wednesday night (Nov. 2) on New York's Hot 97 radio station. Though Winehouse's vocals were recorded several years ago, Nas' verses were recent additions, as he eulogizes the songstress and references Occupy Wall Street.

In addition to 'Like Smoke,' the reggae track 'Our Day Will Come' appeared on BBC's Radio 1 on Wednesday. A reworking of an early 1960s hit made popular by Ruby and the Romantics, it finds Winehouse exploring familiar soulful territory that is right in her wheelhouse.

The album, which was compiled by Winehouse's longterm producers Remi and Mark Ronson, contains 12 tracks hand-selected by the pair along with input from her family. Hear the first two released tracks below.

Listen to 'Like Smoke'

Listen to 'Our Day Will Come'

Watch Nas' The World Is Yours'

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