In a recent interview with MTV ACT, Nas addresses his involvement with the 8th Annual Bratz Doll Drive, which will be held tomorrow (Dec. 14) in Queens, New York.

The drive is sponsored by Saving Our Daughters, and held in memory Iliss Benjamin, daughter of the organization's founder Curtis Benjamin. Sadly, Iliss lost her battle to cancer, and Bratz were her favorite dolls, so her mother launched the organization, partnering with the doll company.

Nas, a native New Yorker, spoke out about his Christmas memories in Queens, and how damage from Hurricane Sandy has made it even more important to reach out to that area this year.

"It's Christmas. I'm from Queens and my first holiday experiences were of course where I grew up. Those are some of my greatest memories. Sandy makes it even more serious this time of the year. It's already the time of the year when people become desperate," the Life is Good creator said.

"Not everyone is able to get their hands on the things they need this time of the year, and Sandy just knocked us down. But New York is strong. We get up fast, man, and we keep swinging. I want to help in any way, shape or form that I can."

Life is Good addresses the deep emotions Nas experienced during his divorce from Kelis, and includes a song dedicated to his daughter Destiny, entitled "Daughters."

"That's another reason why this thing really resonated with me," Nas explained. "My experience with my own daughter got me to write a song about her. Our life has been a roller coaster ride and being a parent going into that is no joke, it's no game.

"When you have a daughter, you want to protect her from the things that I've seen out there. She made me want to stay around at a time in my life where it didn't matter. It made me care. I stayed safe and stayed around and alive."

Nas is one of many artists making donations to gift over 200 Bratz dolls to young girls. For more information about the drive, visit the Saving Our Daughters website.

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