Under the best of circumstances, raising a daughter ain't easy, but when you're a famous rapper with a demanding career and a reputation for player behavior, it's 10 times harder. Such is the dilemma facing Nas, but if nothing else, he's got a great song -- and now a great video -- out of it.

In the newly released "Daughters" clip, which features a cameo from Nas' real-life little girl, Destiny Jones, the Queensbridge rhymer struggles with watching his "princess" grow up. We see her go from infancy to early adulthood -- with a scandalous Twitter episode in between -- and in the final seconds, Nas disappears in the rearview mirror as the young woman drives off in her car.

The track comes from Nas' 10th album, Life is Good, due July 17.

Watch Nas' "Daughters" Video

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