Nas and DJ Shadow connected for the powerful cut "Systematic," a song that'll be featured on the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley. For the video, that's just been released, the director splashed various images on the screen, that all coincide with the rapper's quotable lines.

"The system will defeat itself / Nothing stays in a steady state, it overheats and melts / It only feeds itself / The system, I think it exists just because / Like a pit eats its pups / Eats its own litter up, the system is f-----, it's corrupt / It's for its own survival, it's genocidal / No place or origin, no beginning cycle," spits Nas.

Later in the song, Mr. Jones covers almost the same territory that he covered in his 1996 single "If I Ruled the World," by saying he'd change things around if it were up to him.

"I wish I was an arms dealer to sell illegal arms in the hood / No backup, check, put cash in my palms and we good / Lack of respect get you to fall where you stood / Mathematics is God's language, it's in my blood," he rhymes.

Again, the video shows eye-catching images that go with just about everything Nas spits, which only enhances his overall narrative.

You can rock to the new song and video above.

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