As protests continue in Egypt, the new video for the Nas and Damian Marley 'Distant Relatives' track 'Patience' comes at an appropriate time.

The song samples the Amadou & Mariam track 'Sabali' which translates to 'Patience' in Bamanankan, a language spoken in West Africa. Mariam even makes a cameo in the Nabil Elderkin-directed clip. (Elderkin also manned the lens for Bruno Mars' 'Grenade' video.)

"Some of the smartest dummies/ Can't read the language of Egyptian mummies ..." Marley starts on the track. Nas, dressed like an Egyptian king, spits his ideas on the virtue. "Discovering the World before this World. A World buried in time," he says of the origins of his own patience.

"People point out differences and don't pay attention to our similarities as human beings," Nas told The BoomBox last May, when the duo came by our Manhatten studio to tape a video interview. "Me being American born, him Jamaican, our distant relatives are from Africa, along with everybody's. Everyone's homeland, the origin, where man started, as far as we know, is Africa." This might help explain the Egypt factor.

'Distant Relatives' was released in May of 2010.

Watch Nas & Damian Marley's 'Patience'